Bike Rental

Do naszej wypożyczalni rowerów zapraszamy klientów indywidualnych i grupowych.

Bike Rental - Poland


We are proud to inform you that we are the biggest Bike Rental in Poland. We are able to deliver up to 750 top quality bikes. Our service includes the bikes’ transport on the trailers specifically designed for bikes’ carriage. We will deliver your bikes safely into any location in the world.


Our staff is a group of experienced people who provide a fast and professional service.

We are in close cooperation with our clients when we organise the events.

We organise bike tours and trips for businesses, institutions, schools, groups of friends; for everybody at any age and with any skill.

Considering your requirements and capabilities, we will recommend a route and distance.

During our trips, we cooperate with the government, police and all other relevant institutions.


Our bike trailer


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